Month: March 2024

Meet the DMC Team – Neohemiah TwoBears

Image of article subject, a 20-something college student with dark hair and glasses. He is wearing a white-collared shirt with a dark suit coat.
DMC intern Neohemiah TwoBears

We would like to welcome intern Neohemiah TwoBears to the team. Neohemiah is from Columbia Heights, MN, and is pursuing a double major in Data Science and Nordic Studies with a concentration in economics.

1. Why did you choose Luther College? Luther College stood out to me as the perfect environment to continue my academic journey and pursue my passion for music. Growing up, I had the opportunity to participate in a music camp called Dorian at Luther College, where my passion for music grew stronger and I developed a strong connection to it. As I approached my college decision, I knew that I wanted to continue playing music while pursuing my academic interests. Luther College’s renowned music program and vibrant musical community provided the ideal setting for me to explore further and cultivate my musical talents while pursuing a rigorous academic curriculum.
2. Why did you choose an internship at DMC? I chose an internship at the Destination Medical Center (DMC) because of its innovative approach to sustainability and urban development. The opportunity to apply my data science skills to meaningful projects that contribute to the sustainability goals of a growing urban center like Rochester, MN, was incredibly appealing. Additionally, I was excited about the opportunity to help improve the city and make a positive impact by participating in projects that focus on sustainability and community development.
3. What are your duties at DMC? As an intern at the DMC, my main responsibilities include gathering data, conducting research, and preparing reports. This involves collecting and analyzing various data types such as energy usage, population trends, and greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, I assist in acquiring data for specific initiatives like GreenStep Cities, housing and population statistics, and workforce data.
4. What is a unique fact about yourself? One unique fact about myself is that I have traveled to Norway twice to learn about architecture. I studied at the University of Oslo where I had the opportunity to delve deep into architecture, learning about different design principles and sustainable approaches. This experience broadened my understanding of architecture and deepened my appreciation for the intersection of culture, environment, and design in shaping urban landscapes.
5. What are your plans for after graduation? After graduation, I am interested in exploring opportunities that allow me to apply my skills in data science to address real-world challenges, whether through further education, research, or professional work.

Meet the DMC Team – Hernan Manzanet

Man with dark, curly hair, brown eyes and a mustache. He is wearing a white-collared shirt under a burgundy-colored sweater.
DMC intern Hernan Manzanet
Meet Hernan Manzanet, DMC intern. Hernan joins the team from Luther College by way of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, majoring in Data Science. His plan after graduation is to find a job as a business analyst, ride motorcycle, and spend time with friends and family.
1. Why did you choose Luther College? I chose Luther College because it was the best option for me in which I would have a good soccer experience and academic career.
2. Why did you choose an internship at DMC? I liked the plan of the DMC to put Rochester on the map and all the positive things they are doing for the city of Rochester. I always wanted my job to have a positive impact on society, so when I thought about working with data and being part of a project that will have a positive impact on a community, the internship at the DMC was the perfect fit for me.
3. What are your duties at DMC? Collect and organize data to answer questions and develop projects that will help advance the DMC plan. Also, use GIS to visualize data and create story maps with that data.
4. What is a unique fact about yourself? A unique fact about myself is that I love motorcycles.