Agenda for Jan. 30 DMCC Board meeting



Thursday – Jan. 30, 2014

9 a.m. – noon


I.       Call to Order

II.      Roll Call

III.     Adoption of Agenda

IV.    Approval of Minutes

V.     Chair’s Report

VI.   DMCC Articles and Bylaws

A.  Resolution:  Approval of Restatement of Articles of Incorporation

B.  Resolution:  Approval of Bylaws

VII.   Economic Development Agency

A.  Report and Update:  Dr. Patricia Simmons

B.  Request for Proposal Process / Planning Consultants:  Lisa Clarke, EDA Executive Director

1.   RFP Process, Recommendations

2.   Coordination with City / County

3.   Community Input Process Update

4.   Milestone Schedule / Critical Next Steps

C.   Action Item:

1.  Resolution:  Approval of Recommendation Qualifying Certain Planning Consultants

VIII.  DMCC 2014 Budget Discussion

A.  Presentation of the Budget

B.  Action Item:

1.  Resolution:  Approval of 2014 Budget

IX.  DMCC Agreements

 A.   Resolution:  Approval of Agreement for Destination Medical Center Services Between DMCC  and EDA

B.  Resolution: Approval of Agreement for DMCC Funding and Support Between DMCC and City of Rochester

X.    City of Rochester

       A.  City Comprehensive Planning Process – Update

      B.  City/DEED Agreement:  Update

      C.   Presentation of proposed Titan Ventures project

            1.  Action Item

                a.  Resolution:  Preliminary Limited Approval

XI.     Announcement of Next Meeting / Key Topics

XII.   Adjournment