Discovery Walk

A multipurpose, public space that will connect the Heart of the City & Mayo Clinic with Discovery Square & Soldiers Memorial Field.

What is Discovery Walk?

Discovery Walk is a linear parkway along 2nd Avenue SW in downtown Rochester that will serve pedestrians as well as vehicle access. 

Discovery Walk will connect Heart of the City to Soldier’s Field Park and serve as an extension of the Heart of the City public realm project. It will create a high amenity pedestrian experience while also maintaining flexibility for bike and vehicular access, civic events, and future development.

Discovery Walk Will…

  • Feel like a park
  • Be flexible for access + events
  • Promote health + wellness + innovation
  • Connect Soldiers Field, Heart of the City, Mayo Clinic, and 2nd Street
  • Provide a unique program + experience
  • Be accessible and inclusive to everyone
  • Support future development
Areal rendering of Discovery walk showing the trees and walking path along the roads

Who Is Involved?

Project Team & Co-designers

Rochester is modeling a new and informed human-centered design process by collaborating with a talented and knowledgable team of local co-designers.

Integrated Art by Local Artists

We worked with local artists to integrate art into the design of this project in a fun and unique way.

Construction Partners

Benefits for the Rochester Community

Health & Wellness


Community Engagement

Business Case for Discovery Walk

We Broke Ground April 2022

This 2-Year Long Project will utilize the innovative Business Forward Strategy. We work closely with local business and property owners to minimize impact from construction and ensure customers continue to have access to their favorite downtown spots. Look at the phasing the used to keep businesses open and thriving.

Building it Right

The beautiful renderings are like the tip of the iceberg. The infrastructure and city planning however are what takes the bulk of time and cost.

Concept Gallery