Destination Medical Center Corporation Board Approves Next Phase of Development

The Destination Medical Center Corporation (DMCC) Board of Directors today approved a 5-year update to the DMC Development Plan, which was adopted in 2015 and provides a framework for implementing the mission of the DMCC to transform Rochester, Minnesota as a global destination for health and wellness.

The purpose of the 5-year update, which is required by state statute, is to tailor economic development strategies to market conditions​, to account for how DMC catalyzed for economic growth from 2015-2019​ and to gather community input.

VIDEO: Destination Medical Center Webinar: The Post-Pandemic City

In this webinar, recorded Tuesday, November 17, 2020, Minnesota Design Center Director Tom Fisher and Destination Medical Center’s Patrick Seeb discuss how cities could emerge from the disruption of COVID-19 with a stronger regional economy and a more equitable and sustainable built environment. The pandemic has accelerated changes in retail, work and mobility, and if we start now to think about what those changes might mean for Rochester, MN and begin steering them, the “new normal” could be a better outcome. Tom served for 19 years as a Dean at the University of Minnesota and became the Director of the Minnesota Design Center in 2015. His research has focused on sustainable architecture, design ethics, and community-based service design. He is a member of the DMC EDA Board of Directors. Patrick Seeb is the Director of Economic Development and Placemaking for the DMC EDA.

View all recent Destination Medical Center webinars related to the five-year update to the DMC 20-Year Development Plan here.

Local artists bring inspiration to Discovery Walk

Ayub HajiOmar, Zoe Cinel, and Sophia Chai

With a shared current hometown and life experiences spanning the globe, Sophia Chai, Zoe Cinel, and Ayub HajiOmar – the trio of artists creating installations for Destination Medical Center’s Discovery Walk – are poised to enrich Rochester pedestrian life in surprising ways.

Chai, Cinel and HajiOmar were selected after a call for Olmsted County artists to be a part of the Discovery Walk design team. The artists will help integrate art at a civic scale into the design of the planned linear parkway along 2nd Avenue SW that will connect Soldiers Field to Annenberg Plaza in downtown Rochester.

VIDEO: Destination Medical Center Webinars Highlight Five-Year Results and COVID-19 Economic Analysis

Destination Medical Center Economic Development Agency (DMC EDA) hosted four webinars during October and November 2020 related to the five-year update of its 20-year Development Plan. The webinars addressed different components of the update, including tax values in the DMC district, benefits of the DMC initiative to the community, and potential impacts of COVID-19 to the local economy. Find video summaries and full recordings of the webinars here.

DMC’s Kevin Bright Selected as 2020 LEED Fellow

LEED Fellows represent the top of their fields in green building design, engineering and development

Kevin Bright, energy and sustainability director for Destination Medical Center Economic Development Agency (DMC EDA) and City of Rochester, has been named a 2020 LEED Fellow by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI). Bright is among 25 professionals who represent exceptional practitioners and leaders within the green building community and have demonstrated mastery of the technical application of LEED, the world’s most widely used green building rating system.

VIDEO: Downtown Rochester COVID-19 Economic Impact Analysis

As part of the 5-year update to the Destination Medical Center (DMC) Development Plan, DMC commissioned HR&A Advisors to perform a scenario analysis of the potential impacts of COVID-19 on the local economy and the DMC Initiative. HR&A presented the results of the study at this webinar, and discussed how COVID-19 may affect Rochester’s jobs, economic activity, and the DMC’s planning and investment strategy.
HR&A is a New York-based economic development and real estate consulting firm with significant experience developing complex economic impact models for local governments and municipalities. Since the start of the pandemic, HR&A has been working with local leaders across the country to quantify the impact of COVID-19 to support local planning and development efforts. HR&A also brings experience working in Rochester and Southeast Minnesota and understands recent regional economic and demographic trends and planning efforts.

VIDEO: My Community: Destination Medical Center at 5 Years

Interested in how Destination Medical Center measured up to the goals that were set for the first five years of the Development Plan? Curious about what projects are planned for the next five years and what considerations are guiding decisions on future investments? In this webinar recorded on Friday, October 9, 2020, Destination Medical Center Economic Development Agency staff talk about the journey, what’s ahead and how the community benefits.

VIDEO: DMC and Rochester: Dollars and $ense of Development Patterns

How can Rochester imagine new ways to think about and visualize land use, urban design and economics? Urban3, an urban planning consulting firm, analyzed the public return on investment in the DMC District during Phase 1 (2015-2019) as part of the Five-Year update to the Destination Medical Center (DMC) Development Plan.

In this webinar on October 7, 2020, Joe Minicozzi, founder of Urban3, provides an overview of the results, how they compare to other locations nationwide, and how Rochester can visualize market dynamics created by tax and land use policies.