Invest in Rochester, Minnesota.

Join others who have recognized this unique opportunity. Where innovation is attracting small businesses and helping them grow. Where a talented workforce is transforming businesses into world-class organizations. Where inspiring places are developing a vibrant community for working and living. Where you can be part of something big.

Growing Your Business Here

DMC is initiating significant growth in Rochester. Businesses, large and small, continue to find commercial success, a talented and dedicated workforce, solid returns on investment, and a remarkable quality of life.

The DMC Economic Development Agency works closely with developers and investors to advance private development projects through the DMC approval process. The process, created in consultation with various developers, City of Rochester staff, and other stakeholders, is designed to complement the City’s standard planning and zoning process and efficiently evaluate each project against the goals of the DMC Development plan.

Rochester consistently ranks high in livability, entrepreneurism, affordability and so much more. We’re here to help you grow your existing or expanding business. Contact us today.