Core DMC Leadership

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Other Key Stakeholders

In order to realize the DMC vision and the significant benefits DMC offers, many organizations are partnering and collaborating toward this common goal. Some of these organizations include:

Core Terms Explained

Who is DMC Corporation?

The DMC Corporation is authorized by the DMC Statute. DMC Corporation serves as the governing board responsible for providing oversight and ensuring that planning and implementation of the DMC initiative supports the legislative intent and public purpose as defined in the statute.
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Who is the DMC EDA?

The DMC Economic Development Agency’s role is to provide the staffing and services to support the DMC Corporation and to implement the DMC plan working with the City of Rochester. The DMC EDA’s success depends on these organizations continuing to serve as partners and working closely with the DMC EDA to help implement the DMC vision.
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DMC Development plan

DMC is guided by a comprehensive, 20-year development plan that serves as a strategic business plan and framework for implementation of the initiative.
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Project Plans (funding proposals)

The DMC EDA is currently working with the City of Rochester to determine and finalize the criteria and approval process for DMC projects. Potential development projects will be considered as developers apply.
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