Guest Blogger: Emily Sadecki

Emily S headshotEmily Sadecki is a guest blogger this summer while home in Rochester from college. She will dive into the depths of the Rochester community and share her journey along the way.

My name is Emily Sadecki, and I am a Rochester native, home for the summer from my second year at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. Not one to lay low, I am participating in a local internship program at Mayo Clinic until I return to school to continue to pursue a dual degree in biochemistry, cell and molecular biology and public relations.

Spending my youth in Rochester, I remember playing tag in the matrix at the Silver Lake playground, struggling to decide what yummy delight I should eat at Thursdays on First, and serving coffee at Mac’s Café and Restaurant. This city and the people within it have taught me a lot about who I am and who I want to be—and they truly have a special place in my heart.

These experiences and emotions are what have drawn me to the Destination Medical Center (DMC) project, a plan to enhance the overall wellbeing of the citizens, patients, and visitors to this unique place we call Rochester—and many of us call home. I have tried to “plug in” where possible during breaks from school, and now I have the opportunity to become further engaged even further this summer.

One of my first encounters—I attended the “DMC Community Conversations” event. Listening to the discussions was invigorating and exciting. Having so many community members from all different walks of life, professions, and expertise created this “think tank” that fostered informed exchanges conversation about what our community has to offer and its immense potential.

One common thread I noticed saw throughout this event was the number of current opportunities in the Rochester community that people were unaware of. As we move forward, I think it is important to really uncover and appreciate this beautiful framework of culture, recreation, restaurants, art, etc. from which we are building from.

Intrigued by this observation, I have decided to devote my summer to immersing myself in the community where I was raised, interacting with the culture, people, and places in a way that I haven’t before experienced. Especially as we embark on this journey of DMC, it is important that we place our fingers on the pulse of this city. I will be doing just that by attending local festivals, visiting new restaurants, having conversations with community members, and exploring innovative establishments and activities in the area—everything is fair game.

I invite you to join me as I ignite my senses with the food, music, dialogue, atmosphere, and individuals who constitute “Rochester.” I welcome your conversations, input, and suggestions along the way.