Live Blog | Center for Energy and Environment Update

Presented by Mike Bull, Director for Policy and Communications for the Center for Energy and Environment

The Center for Energy and Environment spent many hours working with a variety of individuals to better understand the nuances of and learn more about the needs of the Rochester community.

At the Nov. 19, 2015 DMCC Board meeting, the energy and environment team will provide a more comprehensive update. Prior to that meeting, they will coordinate with and obtain input from the nine-member citizen board that Mayor Brede appointed to help guide their plan for progress.

Rochester, MN Skyline at night from the view of the riverThey anticipate presenting a cost-effective, pragmatic plan for renewable and sustainable energy. Tracking and transparency about progress will be key to ensuring success.

The Board has requested direction from the group about how they can actively advance the plan, leveraging assets to bring together like-minded individuals and organizations for a shared vision.