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Ramping up Rochester’s innovation capacity

A diverse business landscape is critical to Rochester becoming a true Destination Medical Center. It will take more than excellence in patient care for the DMC vision to succeed. Susan Windham-Bannister knows this well.

Windham-Bannister is a life sciences industry expert and president and CEO of Biomedical Growth Strategies. She has spent years working in areas like New York, Boston, and Maryland to help communities create environments that are enticing to startups and established businesses alike.

Windham-Bannister joined more than 35 stakeholders from across the state to share her experiences and provide insight on how our own community should go about setting priorities to ensure DMC’s success.

Life science expert coming to Mayo Clinic Accelerator

With the Mortenson project slated to break ground in the fall of 2017, there is a lot of exciting activity on the horizon for Discovery Square.

This DMC sub-district will be a highly-connected, urban life science hub where people will have the opportunity to work together closely to share and discuss ideas, build and test new products, and bring companies to scale with access to Mayo Clinic and other strategic stakeholders.

Susan Windham-Bannister

Susan Windham-Bannister is a life science industry expert and serves as president and CEO of Biomedical Growth Strategies, where she advises industry, academia, and life science clusters.

This Wednesday, Susan will join the startup community in Rochester to share her experiences from Boston and describe how the state of Massachusetts supported its entrepreneurs as their life science industry grew.