1 Million Cups: Spanish and Go, Solken Technology

09:00:00 - 10:00:00
Bleu Duck Kitchen
14 4th St SW
Rochester, MN 55902

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Each week, the 1MC program offers two local entrepreneurs an opportunity to present their startups to a diverse audience of mentors, advisers, and entrepreneurs. Presenters prepare a six-minute educational presentation and engage in twenty minutes of feedback and questioning after they present.

Entrepreneurs gain insight into possible ways they can improve their businesses, gather real-time feedback, connect with a community that cares about their progress, and walk away feeling like they have advanced their business.

The presenters for this event are:

Spanish and Go: Your online resource for learning real-world travel Spanish. Learn about the culture, traditions, and language of Spanish-speaking countries through audio and video lessons so you can explore them on your own with confidence.

Solken Technology: A multi-faceted company that is working on FAVR. FAVR is an app for users to request tasks to be completed at their own price. Which in turn is posted to a feed of workers competing to complete your tasks. Tasks include: food delivery , yard work, etc.


The event is free to attend, and you can find more information by clicking the Event Page button.