DMC Corporation Board Meeting

09:30:00 - 12:00:00
Mayo Civic Center, McDonnell Suite
30 Civic Center Drive SE
Rochester, MN 55904*

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Convenient parking is available in the 1st Street Parking Ramp (507-282-4545), next to the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Rochester or in the Civic Center Ramp, across the street. The skyway is currently closed due to construction.

Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Section 13D.02, if interactive television is used to conduct a meeting, to the extent practical, the Board shall allow a person to monitor the meeting electronically from a remote location. If you wish to monitor the meeting electronically from a remote location, please visit

* Two Board Members may participate via interactive television at the following locations, which shall be open and accessible to the public during the meeting: 10000 W O’Hare Ave, Chicago, IL 60666 and 5521 Woodcrest Drive. Edina. MN 55424.