DMC October Sustainability Series: Community Co-Design: A Novel Approach to Community Engagement

12:00:00 - 13:00:00
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Sustainability presentation and discussion with Jess Roberts, affiliate researcher at the University of Minnesota Design Center.
Communities large and small are seeking more equitable and effective community engagement approaches. This presentation will describe a unique co-design approach led by DMC and developed by a collaborative and cross-sectored group of community organizations in Rochester, MN.
Roberts will discuss the process in detail and describe its application on the design of Discovery Walk, a planned linear parkway along 2nd Ave SW from Annenberg Plaza to Soldiers Field Park in downtown Rochester.
The co-design approach engaged seven “co-designers” to help guide the process of designing Discovery Walk. The co-designers were chosen to represent perspectives and communities not typically part of decision making and the design process of public spaces.
Roberts will share lessons learned, next steps and how aspects of this approach could be applied to other public projects, programming or policy development across the region.
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