DMC Sustainability Series: Climate Progress Up North

12:00:00 - 13:00:00
Viewable by webinar only.


Mindy Granley, Sustainability Officer for the City of Duluth, MN, will share stories and strategies from the first year of implementing the City of Duluth’s first Climate Action Work Plan. She’ll give background on Duluth’s climate plan, approaches for implementation, vital partnerships, and future challenges.

Mindy Granley
Sustainability Office — City of Duluth, MN
As Sustainability Officer, Mindy Granley is responsible for the improvement of policies, programs, and initiatives in support of local environmental, economic, and social systems. In her role, she incorporates sustainability into decision-making, measures and communicates progress, and builds partnerships for change. During her first two years at the City of Duluth, Mindy led the creation of the City’s first Climate Action Work Plan, pushed for the adoption of new performance standards for City-owned buildings, established an interdepartmental Sustainability Advisory Team, and led multiple successful grant-funded projects with City and community partners. Her academic training is in watershed management, earning an M.S. from the University of Minnesota. Mindy holds a B.S. in Geology/Hydrogeology, an M.S. in Water Resources Science, and is a Certified Energy Manager.

About the DMC Sustainability Series
The DMC Sustainability Series is a monthly seminar sponsored by Destination Medical Center and the City of Rochester. The purpose is to introduce sustainability concepts and best practices for everyone to consider. The series is held virtually on the third Wednesday of every month at noon.