DMC’s September Sustainability Series: EVs and Charging for Architects, Developers & Real Estate Professionals

12:00:00 - 13:30:00
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DMC’s September Sustainability Series, in partnership with the City of Rochester, will feature an exciting opportunity for the development community with Minnesota-based Shift2Electric presenting its continuing professional education course “EVs and Charging for Architects, Developers & Real Estate Professionals” with Jukka Kukkonen, Chief EV Educator and Strategist for Shift2Electric.

According to Shift2Electric, “our electric grid is becoming cleaner at an accelerating pace because Minnesota utilities are closing coal plants and transitioning to renewable energy,” providing the opportunity to shift our transportation sector to electric. Rochester’s own public utility has made the commitment to be 100% renewable by 2030 and has projected approximately 15,000 EVs to be registered on the roads within Rochester by then.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) provide a new opportunity for cleaner and more efficient transportation. Current surveys show that about 30% of people would consider an EV as their next vehicle, and auto manufacturers are rapidly bringing new, exciting options to the market.

We know that most charging happens overnight, at home, which means residential and commercial developers alike need to be EV ready. In Rochester, almost 35% of all housing units are renter-occupied and this number is likely to increase as the urban population grows. Public and private development must work together to support the community’s charging infrastructure needs. This doesn’t mean a charging station in every parking spot, but does encourage properties to have affordable and future-proof designs by installing charging infrastructure now.

This 90-minute course will give participants an understanding of basic technologies behind the shift to electric, the latest market developments and EV models available in the US, how to incorporate charging infrastructure and installation, safety aspects, code developments, and more with time at the end for participant Q&A.

Course details, available credit(s), and a full list of learning objectives can be viewed here. This presentation is sponsored by Fresh Energy. Participation in this DMC Sustainability Series course is free.