Sustainability Series: Sketchbox – Simplified and Free Energy Modeling Tool

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Sketchbox – Simplified and Free Energy Modeling Tool

Join us for an interactive presentation by Slipstream, a mission-driven nonprofit organization, that recently launched a free version of its simplified energy modeling tool—Sketchbox.
Sketchbox is a web-based tool that enables simplified energy analysis of new construction and renovations for commercial buildings. The platform is suitable for all levels of technical expertise, providing a user-friendly introduction to whole-building energy modeling. Sketchbox allows users to understand the impact of various improvement measures on overall energy performance and cost compared to a baseline.

If you’re not familiar with energy modeling, it is a software-based tool that architects, engineers and building operators use to make accurate energy-saving decisions on new and existing buildings. A user creates the initial building using an energy code baseline and then re-simulates the building using various energy conservation measures. Sketchbox can also be used to identify energy savings for existing buildings and retrofits.

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Ben Heymer
Slipstream—Director of Engineering, Chicago
Ben leads a team of energy engineers focused on decarbonizing the built environment.  He is an experienced engineering consultant, designer, researcher, and energy modeler. He leads technical assistance and program design for energy efficiency programs and builds tools to help owners and designers focus on high-impact solutions.

About the DMC Sustainability Series

The DMC Sustainability Series is a monthly seminar sponsored by Destination Medical Center and the City of Rochester. The purpose is to introduce sustainability concepts and best practices for everyone to consider. The series is held virtually the third Wednesday of every month at noon.