Sustainability Series – Converting Your Home to a Heat Pump

12:00:00 - 13:00:00


Is your natural gas furnace reaching the end of its life and needing a replacement? Have you considered a heat pump installation but don’t know where to start? This course will walk through the process of converting your home to a heat pump, including discussions around readiness, working with contractors to receive bids, and what to expect after installation. Finally, a couple of Rochester home conversions will be shared including their cost, performance, and ongoing operating costs. Sponsored by EarthFest and Destination Medical Center.

Kevin Bright
Sustainability and Housing Director — DMC EDA and City of Rochester
Kevin Bright is the Sustainability and Housing Director for the DMC EDA and assists the City with sustainability efforts as well. Beyond working in energy efficiency and sustainability for 15 years, he has installed heat pumps in two past homes and brought the experiences of others to create this presentation.

About the DMC Sustainability Series
The DMC Sustainability Series is a monthly seminar sponsored by Destination Medical Center and the City of Rochester. The purpose is to introduce sustainability concepts and best practices for everyone to consider. The series is held virtually on the third Wednesday of every month at noon.