Sustainability Series: Net Zero Neighborhood – Hillcrest Village

12:00:00 - 13:00:00
Viewable by webinar only.


Hillcrest Village is a net-zero energy, affordable housing development at the intersection of sustainability and affordability in Northfield, MN. It provides a mix of emergency housing, supportive housing, and workforce housing in a single financially sustainable development. This presentation will be an honest overview of the project, including the challenges and successes, technical sustainable building practices used (and not), and how to replicate the success of net-zero energy design in new construction. Hillcrest Village is an example that net-zero energy construction is affordable, it’s buildable at the local level, and cities can thrive when they prioritize the needs of the community.

Scott Wopata, Executive Director
Community Action Center
Scott Wopata is a community collaborator, economist, soccer coach, carpenter, trail runner, and parent of 4 children. These diverse roles have converged in his position as a nonprofit Executive Director. First giving power and voice to at-risk youth to shape and change systems related to mental health, homelessness, and poverty. Now for Community Action Center (CAC) where he focuses on how community systems are built in partnership and collaboration with the participants who access these systems. He oversees programs as diverse as food shelves, emergency shelters, carbon offsets, substance abuse supports, community development, and net-zero energy construction developments through his role at CAC where the organization has grown to serve more than 5 times the amount of households in the last 5 years.

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About the DMC Sustainability Series
The DMC Sustainability Series is a monthly seminar sponsored by Destination Medical Center and the City of Rochester. The purpose is to introduce sustainability concepts and best practices for everyone to consider. The series is held virtually on the third Wednesday of every month at noon.