Growth and change: Rochester is transforming

It’s been described as a bridge to the mission of Mayo Clinic, a hub for biomedicine, research, and technology innovation, and a new “address” for the future of life science.

No matter how you slice it, DMC’s Discovery Square sub-district will be a cornerstone of Rochester’s efforts to become America’s City for Health. A recent story by National Public Radio’s Marketplace showcases the transformation that is taking place in Rochester.

The story, “Mayo Clinic’s hometown looks to become the ‘Silicon Valley of medicine,” draws the comparison to the San Francisco region considered to be world’s high-tech hub. The parallel might seem far-fetched to some, but the 20-year economic development effort by DMC to position Rochester as a global destination for health and wellness – along with Mayo Clinic’s significant investment in Discovery Square – lends substantial promise to the idea.

Jim Rogers is Mayo Clinic‘s chair of business development. “It’s incredible what’s occurring here,” Rogers told MPR reporter Catharine Richert, referring to the growth and development taking place in buildings all around his downtown office. But Mayo is also implementing changes within its own walls to support innovation and advances in the field of medicine – and in the community at-large.

To read the entire MPR story about the atmosphere being created to support a new and transforming Rochester and how to ensure a diverse workforce that goes beyond medicine, click here.