Have you reserved your community engagement toolkit?

Small_Engagement_Links_280x180In collaboration with the City of Rochester, the Destination Medical Center (DMC) will be gathering additional community feedback with a “community engagement toolkit.” It will revolve around collecting opinions and perspectives on two specific plans for Rochester, the DMC Development Plan and the city’s Comprehensive Plan.

The hope is to reach further into community networks and allow for deeper conversations among family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. Toolkit sessions can be formal or informal; they are designed for any environment, and parties are encouraged!

To reserve your toolkit, contact Allison Bowman at [email protected]  or  Jennifer Garness at [email protected]. They will be available to use until Friday, October 31. There is an online version also available, and can be found at this link.

Through this effort, we can all work together to reach and broaden the voices within our own networks, and receive additional community perspectives regarding the two Rochester plans. Together, let’s shape our future!