High School Student: Youth have a stake in DMC

Gabriel Yeager, Blog Author

Rochester is an exciting, engaging environment that is currently building on artistic assets and youth. Through projects like the AboutYou survey, the city is connecting in an exciting and unique way. Through events like Thursdays on First and Social ICE, Rochester is fueling a culture revolution in great part to the efforts of the Rochester Downtown Alliance. Through urban housing developments, the UMR campus, and the implementation of Destination Medical Center, a youthful professional environment will emerge downtown. Take a weekend and explore everything downtown Rochester has to offer. From temporary art exhibits to restaurants with international flair, the downtown has set the tone for the city’s culture.

I was born in Las Vegas, and because of job opportunity my parents called Rochester home. Although we lived in the city, we had a garden in the countryside, biked along the Zumbro River, and hiked at Quarry Hill. Today, my family and I attend the Down by the Riverside concerts and Thursday’s on First weekly and look forward to Social ICE in the coldest months of the winter. I have heard that Rochester is the “pioneer in the prairie”– A culture defined by groundbreaking discoveries and medical research while nestled in a quaint town on the prairie.

I am involved in DMC because I feel the youth of the community must engage in the city’s creative placemaking. As DMC moves forward, the voice of the community will be heard, and ultimately the city will be an attractive place for recent college graduates and artists alike.

Gabriel shares his excitement about DMC in this video.

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