Last Call to Voice Your Opinion in Rochester’s Comprehensive Plan

Planning 2 Succeed page

The City of Rochester is asking for public input into a new round of survey questions designed to help city planners help shape the future of growth and development in and around the city.

Questions are part of a year-long process called Planning 2 Succeed during which Rochester is crafting a 25-year Comprehensive Plan to ensure orderly and sustainable growth through 2040.

Anyone with an interest in Rochester’s future can participate — it’s not restricted to residents — but take the survey soon. It closes early this month.

Current land use designations on the left compared with projected usage in 2040 if development trends continue.

The survey includes several video presentations about trends in Rochester’s growth and discussions of different directions it could take. Visitors to the site have the opportunity to watch the videos and provide input about a series of topics.

  1. Sustainable and Efficient Growth
  2. Employment and High-Value Amenities: Nodes, Corridors and Density
  3. Employment and High-Value Amenities: Green Space
  4. Housing: Trends and Discussion

As this project proceeds, the content naturally becomes more complex, so planners are encouraging visitors to take their time, review the information, then contribute their perspectives.