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As you may have heard, members of the Destination Medical Center (DMC) team have a busy couple of days ahead of them. Board members from the Destination Medical Center Corporation (DMCC) and Economic Development Agency will be visiting five significant cities throughout the United States during the next two weeks to learn more about these communities that have managed major economic development projects and community transformations. The board members will have the unique opportunity to discover firsthand what works well in the cities they’ll be visiting, and they will also learn what these places wished they could’ve done differently. Some might compare these “site visits” to test-driving a car and being able to speak with the people who designed them.

Where Are We Going?

This week’s trip includes three jam-packed stops to the cities of Portland, Oregon; Seattle; and Bellevue, Washington. Board members will be meeting a variety of people along with touring urban spaces including revitalizations of neighborhoods and waterfronts, transportation projects, and learning how other urban areas work together with hospitals and universities to grow vibrant downtown locales.

For a full schedule and many more details about the trips, you can find the agendas on the DMCC website.

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Today’s stop . . . Portland, Oregon!