New kiosks point the way, keep visitors in the know

Find new "self-service" information kiosks in lobbies of the Charlton and Gonda buildings.

Wondering what’s going on in Rochester today? The weather for tomorrow? Directions to lunch or a medical appointment?

A trio of new “self-service” kiosks offer visitors assistance for both inside Mayo Clinic and around town. While the kiosks are for everyone, they were created in part to cater to those who don’t live and breathe by smartphone. (And there are a lot of us!)

Find kiosks in the Charlton Building Lobby and near the information desks on the street and subway levels of the Gonda Building. They offer:

  • Activities and current event listings
  • Dining and lodging options
  • Mayo Clinic and city tours information
  • Culture, history and entertainment options
  • A “Things to do Today” calendar
  • Lecture, library and research information
  • Weather forecasts
  • Arrival and departure times for the Minneapolis-St. Paul and Rochester International Airports
  • Bus/public transportation schedules
  • Directions, directions, directions

Try out a kiosk and tell DMC blog readers how it worked.