Three things you may not know about DMC

Activity in the Minnesota Legislature has generated a lot of discussion in the media and within the community about DMC. peaceplazaHere are three things you may not know about the initiative.

1. There is urgency to getting DMC passed during this legislative session.
It’s important for the public financing component of DMC to get passed during this legislative session, but this is not due to political posturing or an effort on Mayo Clinic’s part to tell the State Legislature what to do.

Today’s health care environment is the most challenging in the history of this country. Mayo Clinic is actively working to make necessary adjustments to accommodate patient needs, but so are its competitors. Destination health care providers across the nation are replicating the Mayo model of high quality, affordable care. They are also working with their cities and states to enhance the destination status of their communities – frequently with public dollars.

One legislator suggested taking 8-9 years to pass legislation supporting DMC was reasonable. Health care doesn’t have 8-9 years. There is a need to act quickly to maintain Mayo, Rochester and Minnesota as a health care destination.

2. DMC is designed to complement the Rochester Downtown Master Plan, not replace it.
DMC’s plan for seven districts within the downtown core is complementary to the Rochester Downtown Master Plan. Any decisions about development within the plan are subject to the current approval process with the City of Rochester. No plan for development and construction exists. If the DMC legislation passes, there will be a community visioning process to help shape the first five years of development.

It’s also important to remember that DMC is a 20-year plan. Not all development will happen at once. DMC will fit with city and county planning for structured growth and to address potential social impact that naturally occurs as a city grows.

3. Your support of DMC is important.
As legislators consider DMC legislation, they need to hear from people who understand why DMC is important. We have a strong coalition of community organizations, local governments, businesses, labor organizations and others who are committed to DMC and making it a reality. Join us in working together to secure and expand Minnesota’s health and bio economic base and leadership position for generations to come. You can show your support for DMC by:

  • Visiting for more information and to sign up to get ongoing DMC news and updates;
  • Talking to your network of friends, neighbors, coworkers and community leaders about the DMC, the benefits it offers and the importance of successfully passing the DMC legislation this year;
  • Getting involved in advocacy by contacting legislators to express your support, writing a letter to the editor or an opinion piece in the media;
  • Adopting a resolution of support from your organization or distributing information to your membership on DMC and why they should support it.