VIDEO: Destination Medical Center Webinar: Construction Safety in a COVID-19 Environment

Thank you to all those who attended Destination Medical Center’s webinar: Construction Safety in a COVID-19 Environment on April 16, 2020 in partnership with Rochester Area Builders, Inc. A replay of the webinar is now available.

Some key takeaways: Communication is vitally important; follow the CDC guidelines;  wearing masks is important to prevent the spread of the virus; cloth masks will be more prevalent on construction sites; construction is a lower risk industry due to repetition of managing risk and use of proper equipment; the cooperation within a very competitive industry has been unprecedented.

Our panelists are working to answer the remaining questions from the webinar. Those answers will be posted here.


Dr. Jack O’Horo, Mayo Clinic, infectious disease physician

Christa Seymour, Olmsted County Public Health Nurse

Molly Smith, Olmsted County Public Health Nurse

Mike Benike, Benike Construction executive vice president

Jay Vander Leest, Kraus-Anderson director of safety

Troy Blizzard, Mortenson vice president of operations

John Eischen, Rochester Area Builders, Inc. executive director


Patrick Seeb, Destination Medical Center Economic Development Agency director of economic development and placemaking