Where is my opportunity for input on DMC?

Heidi Mestad, Blog Author
Heidi Mestad, Blog Author

The DMC team has led over 85 presentations and participated in numerous Q&A dialogues, forums and open houses. Three main questions tend to rise to the top:

1. Where is my opportunity for input?
2. What are you going to do about all the growth and the social impact it brings?
3. What will this really do for me?

This post will start with question one: Where is my opportunity for input? (I will address questions 2-3 in future posts.) Also, if you have other questions, start sending them so we can talk about it.

Where is my opportunity for input?
Here is a graphic to help visualize where we are currently in DMC-land and also to explain what could happen.

DMC engagement

First, people believe that DMC is figured out. Not True! Please let me draw your attention to the arrow pointing to where we currently are…the Legislative Process. The curving line represents the DMC journey; each turn represents key turning points that would shape what DMC looks like. The blue circles are areas where current public processes exist. If DMC is successful during this legislative session there will be a phase of community visioning for DMC. The visioning phase will gather input and discuss priorities within the DMC 7 areas of focus (link), as well as transportation infrastructure. Visioning will complement and work in partnership with the Rochester Downtown Master Plan (link).

Once community input is gathered on what people would like to have in their downtown area, a 5 year development plan will be developed. The five-year development plan must align with the City of Rochester’s comprehensive plan. Each project within the plan will require public input and hearings as it moves through the City of Rochester approval process.

In its current form, DMC is a strategy. No detailed master plan exists. This is common in the economic development process. Once funding is secured, visioning and planning can begin in earnest. It would be false hope to vision the community further on their downtown and not be able to do anything about it, except put a plan up on a shelf!

A little more on the green bubble in the visual… that is where we start to carve out what ‘it’ all is together! How do our neighborhoods see connecting into the downtown district? What would you like to see in realms of Art and Culture? What would you really use? What do you see as your ultimate downtown experience? Would you like to live right downtown, if so what does a livable downtown look like to you?

What can you do right now?

  • Learn more about DMC at dmc.mn
  • Write your thoughts on this blog:
  • Share a story of how you came to Rochester or the region
  • If you are a native, what do you remember? What would you like to see for Rochester or the region?
  • What are your hopes for DMC?