1 Hour into the Planning and Zoning Public Hearing

The City of Rochester’s public review of the Draft DMC Development Plan is formally underway–the Rochester-Olmsted Planning and Zoning Commission is holding a public hearing on the plan. And we’re blogging live for those of you who can’t make it.

Mitzi Baker, director of the Planning and Zoning Department, applauded the plan and the work that has gone into developing it. The plan establishes a sense of “placemaking” and “a strong sense of community.”

Baker’s vision for vision for the city and region includes a downtown Rochester that “provides visitors, patients and community members with experiences they enjoy,”

While the commission gathered public input, members reinforced the audience that locations and proposals throughout the plan are “conceptual” and subject to revision throughout the process.

Here’s a sampling of comments after 1 hour into the meeting…

  • Preservation:  expressed concerns about historic preservation, citing at least 47 buildings her volunteer group identified as historically relevant and important for preservation that the plan ignores as
  • Sustainability: Angela Gupta supported the sustainability plans that are built into the plan and challenged the commission and DMCC Board
  • Planning: Several visitors challenged the commission to scrutinize the plan and identify more stability locations; many referenced the differences between “concepts” and “blueprints” and “zoning changes.” They called for more specific planning, which would give the public and the commission more concrete ideas to review and consider.
  • Accessibility: “Make it easier for people to live here, not harder.” In all planning, commenters encouraged the commission to consider accessibility throughout downtown Rochester.