Month: October 2014

Describe Rochester’s Future . . .



Destination Medical Center (DMC) recently asked community members to describe Rochester’s future in six words or fewer. DMC was able to discover plenty of positivity and excitement for what is to come.


Captivating the community and its visitors. – Laura Elwood

Future’s so bright, gotta wear shades. – Al Mannino

Bright, innovative, challenging, collaborative, healing, and forgiving. – Zoe Malinchoc

A community of harmony, hope, and home. – Erin Pagel

Stunning possibilities soon to be realized. – John Hohn

Bright for biobusiness. – Jamie Sundsbak

Welcoming, healing, fun, something for everyone. – Bethany Krom

A time of thoughtful, exciting growth. – Susan Schwartz

What are your six words?

Have you reserved your community engagement toolkit?

Small_Engagement_Links_280x180In collaboration with the City of Rochester, the Destination Medical Center (DMC) will be gathering additional community feedback with a “community engagement toolkit.” It will revolve around collecting opinions and perspectives on two specific plans for Rochester, the DMC Development Plan and the city’s Comprehensive Plan.

The hope is to reach further into community networks and allow for deeper conversations among family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. Toolkit sessions can be formal or informal; they are designed for any environment, and parties are encouraged!

To reserve your toolkit, contact Allison Bowman at [email protected]  or  Jennifer Garness at [email protected]. They will be available to use until Friday, October 31. There is an online version also available, and can be found at this link.

Through this effort, we can all work together to reach and broaden the voices within our own networks, and receive additional community perspectives regarding the two Rochester plans. Together, let’s shape our future! 

DMC Trips – Cleveland

“I had no idea” was a common phrase out of many mouths during the jammed-packed day of tours and conversations in Cleveland on October 1. Around each corner, the city of Cleveland surprised the Destination Medical Center (DMC) team. Cleveland showed it has the capacity to be a true economic development engine.

Many know Cleveland for the work of the health care organization Cleveland Clinic; however, there are multiple organizations that help to support this city’s economy and add a rich vibrancy to the downtown atmosphere. DMC officials met with multiple groups as they toured the city including:

–       Cleveland Foundation

–       Playhouse Square

–       Mayor Frank G. Jackson

–       Jumpstart

–       The Nine

–       MidTown Neighborhood

–       Hemmingway Development

–       Cleveland Clinic

–       Cleveland Clinic Innovations

–       Museum of Contemporary Art

–       Cleveland’s Neighborhood Connections

–       Cleveland Transit Authority

–       University Hospitals

The people we met who took time out of their day to share their knowledge and background regarding their economic development initiatives was astounding, invigorating, and really helped to get the DMC team’s juices flowing about opportunities within our own city.

Next, DMC travels to Indianapolis  to spend two days learning from the best and the brightest in this metropolis. To follow along, continue to read the blog and follow us on Twitter.