3 Ways to Have Your Voice Heard


As Destination Medical Center (DMC) progresses into a viable, exciting initiative, we continue to ask community for their ideas and feedback to help inform the planners as they build the DMC development plan. From unique ethnic restaurants to innovative solar roadways, we have heard a fascinating array of concepts to add to the city landscape. Yet, we always love to hear more.

Multiple DMC social media sites are active and regularly monitored, like Facebook and Twitter. If you come across an article regarding city innovations or a picture of an interesting invention, share it with us. Social media is a quick and easy place to direct your thoughts, or as we like to say, “brain dump” them onto us.

Use the DMC hashtag (#DMCMN) on Twitter to alert us of a short, specific idea you may have. Writing on the DMC Facebook wall is also a simple method to send your opinions or ideas. Just remember, Facebook allows for a longer post, while Twitter is restricted to 140 characters. Also, a good thing to remember, both Twitter and Facebook have a “direct message” option so you can choose to keep your messages private.

Not everyone prefers to have his or her voice heard by the entire world. There is a “Contact Us” form provided on the DMC website in the “Contact” tab, which is sent directly to a DMC representative. It is private, fast, and straightforward to use. Each response is carefully read, and the ideas gathered are added to our database.

Lastly is face-to-face. Ambassador meetings, other public forums, and Destination Medical Center Corporation board meetings are being held throughout the DMC process. For those who are looking for a more personal touch, this is the place to have your voice heard “live.” These events are candid and direct. Ideas can be hashed out and discussed in person with DMC staff as well as other community members.

We want everyone to be as comfortable as possible with relaying ideas and opinions about the DMC process and progression. You always have a voice in this process. Whether you favor social media posts, a quick message on the website contact form, or speaking to someone face-to-face, we would love to hear what you have to say!