Community Members to Help Design DMC’s Community Input Process

 About 80 Rochester community members have helped design a framework for the community input process for Destination Medical Center (DMC). DMC is long-term, public-private economic development initiative to further establish Minnesota and Mayo Clinic as a global medical destination and provide the ideal overall experience for those visiting, residing and working in and around downtown Rochester.

From now through the beginning of February, eight groups, each representing a focus area (see below), will meet regularly and work to ensure that the community input process encompasses the community as a whole. This marks the first phase in a comprehensive community input process approved by the Destination Medical Center Corporation (DMCC) Board last month. The process is being managed by the DMC Economic Development Agency (EDA).

“Community input has been a significant part of the DMC and will be a critical factor in helping to inform the DMC Development Plan,” says Patricia Simmons, M.D., chair of the DMC EDA Board. “It is important this process is inclusive and accessible as we receive valuable community input around the core focus areas of strategic growth.”

“This is truly a great economic opportunity for the state of Minnesota,” says Tina Smith, chair of the DMCC Board. “It is exciting to see Rochester community members working together to create a process that will give everyone the opportunity to share their ideas as DMC evolves.”

Mike Nigbur, interim head of Parks and Recreation for the City of Rochester and chair of the Sports, Recreation and Nature group, explains that his group includes representation from fitness advocates, Honkers baseball, youth sports, community education, the Senior Center and Quarry Hill Nature Center.

“I am one voice among many, and this group has a great network of people we can call on,” says Nigbur.

Broad community input will begin in early February 2014 and will continue throughout the year. Check DMC.MN for ways to get involved and to share ideas for the multi-year DMC plan, which is expected to be complete in late 2014 and approved by early 2015.


Community Members Participants:

Arts and Culture/Civic/Entertainment

  • Audrey Betcher, chair
  • Annie Mack
  • Steven Schmidt
  • Anthony Rostvold
  • Jo Rian
  • Kim Sin
  • Annie Henderson
  • Gregory Stavrou
  • Mette Greisling

Commercial Research and Technology

  • Leon Clark, chair
  • Jamie Sundsbak
  • Brandon Sampson
  • Al Berning
  • Jim Rogers
  • Scott Rosenow
  • Bill Rapp
  • Shruthi Naik
  • Mark Troutman

Health and Wellness

  • Michael Joyner, M.D., chair
  • Pete Giessen
  • Angela Dietrich
  • Jennifer St. Sauer
  • Jenny Weis
  • Wes Emmert
  • Kara Short


  • Brad Jones, chair
  • Steve Winter
  • April Cluckey
  • Linda Balgeman
  • Xavi Torres
  • Myron Salz
  • Jacob Malwitz
  • T.R. Wheeler
  • Lynette Jacobson

Learning Environment

  • Don Supalla, chair
  • Jessi Strinmoen
  • Regina Seabrook
  • Bethany Krom
  • Keeley Hruska
  • Jenny Hegland
  • Jim Gross
  • Patrick Gannon
  • Steve Troutman

Livable City/Retail/Dining

  • Mitzi Baker, chair
  • John Beltz
  • Jill Mickelson
  • Chris Colby
  • Fred Wills
  • Randy Schubring
  • Jeff Allman
  • Rabbi Michelle Werner

Sports, Recreation and Nature

  • Mike Nigbur, chair
  • Jim Mason
  • Dan Litzinger
  • Ben Boldt
  • Sally Gallager
  • Lori Forstie
  • Laurie Brownell
  • Michael O’Conner
  • Amy Eich
  • Rachel Prizler
  • Bob Benner


  • Marty Lenss, chair
  • Dave Pesch
  • Tim Giesler
  • Miquel Valdez
  • Katrin Frimannsdottir
  • Tony Knauer
  • April Sutor
  • Steve Elwood
  • Laura Elwood