DMC seeks volunteers for Heart of the City Public Space Design Community Advisory Committee

The Destination Medical Center (DMC) development plan identifies six sub-districts, each of which is anchored by a dramatically new or enhanced public space. The sub-district called Heart of the City lies at the intersection of Rochester’s medical environment and the hospitality/entertainment district. At the “heart” of Heart of the City is the Peace Plaza, home to many of the community’s most popular public events.Heart-of-the-City-Patient-Exp

A public skating rink, stunning light and glass features, and attractive portals to other districts are among the concepts used to illustrate the future of the public spaces in Heart of the City.

Encouraged by community support for these ideas, the board of Destination Medical Center Corporation (DMCC) and the City of Rochester are working together to identify a design team to lead the public space design process. With anticipation for a completed design in 2016 and a phased implementation in 2017, a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is being established to aid in the Heart of the City public space design.

The committee will be co-chaired by Rochester Mayor Ardell Brede and DMCC board member, R.T. Rybak. It will consist of between nine and twelve volunteers to assist with the planning and design of the public spaces of Heart of the City, which is one of the sub-districts of the DMC Development Plan, located at the intersection of First Street SW and First Avenue SW. The CAC will include business and property owners, civic leaders, citizen at-large members, partner organizations, design experts, a City Council representative, and a Chateau Theatre Task Force representative.

The City of Rochester and DMC are developing a Request for Qualifications (RFQ)/Request for Proposals (RFP) process to select a qualified design firm to assist with the planning and design for the public spaces of Heart of the City.

The committee will participate in the interview process of these firms and make selection recommendations. They will also be responsible for maintaining community engagement during the process, establishing a means by which to keep adjacent property owners informed, meeting with the design team to provide input and reaction to design concepts, making recommendations to DMCC and the City of Rochester at key project milestones, and attending five to eight committee meetings during the 2016 design process.

“Heart of the City will create a true center for Rochester, a crossroads where Mayo Clinic, commercial, hospitality, retail, and residential meet,” says co-chair Mayor Brede.

Interested individuals should contact Donna Bussell in the Mayor’s Office prior to Monday, February 22 at 507-328-2700 or email [email protected].

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