DMC’s November Sustainability Series: Everything You Need to Know About an Electric Vehicle Purchase

12:00:00 - 13:00:00
Zoom only:


Sustainability presentation and discussion with Jonny Yucuis founder of Rochester Electric Vehicles, an organization focused on encouraging electric vehicle adoption.

Learn practical information about purchasing electric vehicles from people who have gone through the process and what to expect from ownership. We’ll review what questions are important to consider and what options are available now and in the future. We’ll keep the information light and digestible, but allow for time to dig into additional questions and interests as they come up. Join us to find out what the EV smiles are all about!

Jonny Yucuis has been an electric vehicle owner in Rochester since 2018. Inspired by the birth of his daughter and reports of our unsustainable path of global warming, Jonny decided to make the switch from a gas car to a fully electric car. Now after driving electric through Minnesota’s 100+ degree summers and -30 degree winters, and realizing the environmental, economic, and performance benefits, he’s convinced that now is the right time for everyone to make the switch to electric. In 2019 he founded Rochester Electric Vehicles, an organization dedicated to driving electric vehicle adoption and helping Rochester neighbors feel confident in making the switch to electric.

The DMC Sustainability Series is free to view.