Webinar: Forward Together – Rochester Rapid Transit, RPT, and ROCOG

12:00:00 - 13:00:00
Online only. Register here: https://www.rochestermn.gov/government/departments/administration/rochester-rapid-transit?fbclid=IwAR2Kdo-1HNKcSYMRSYrKk2M_kFonN1hDk1FYa5Fnh-oK4mkhedqAmhVWoSg


Hear from local planning experts at this month’s Rapid Transit webinar as they provide the planning context for this transformational transit project.
Bryan Law, principal planner with Olmsted County, will speak about ROCOG and the Long-Range Transportation Plan; Ryan Yetzer, principal planner and interim deputy director of development and construction services for the City of Rochester will share information about the City’s Comprehensive Plan and transit oriented development; and Bradley Bobbitt, transit operations specialist with the City of Rochester will share information on Rochester Public Transit’s 5-year Transit Development Plan which is currently under development.