Introduction of DMC Draft Development Plan

Calling DMC “an exciting vision for Rochester and the State of Minnesota,” Dr. Patricia Simmons of Mayo Clinic gave her last address to the DMCC Board. She thanked the planners and encouraged all board members and the public to take their time with the plan.

“This draft is intended to guide–not prescribe or proscribe–but GUIDE development of downtown Rochester for the next 20 years.” — Dr. Patricia Simmons, EDA Board Chair

You’ll probably need all the time you can get. It checks in at 694 pages! Not exactly a light read, but this is a big plan in support of a bold vision.

“This is such a thriving community, and we want to keep that authenticity.” — Lisa Clarke, interim director, DMC Eceonomic Development Agency

Now to the plan: Peter Cavaluzzi, an principal and founding architect with planning firm Perkins Eastman, has led design of the DMC project and has worked on hundreds of similar initiatives. An integrated plan is essential to the success of the DMC initiative, he said It will create a context not only for Mayo Clinic to evolve and grow but also a context for many businesses and arts to thrive and grow.

“We took a really unique point of view in this planning process to create spaces that will attract people” — Peter Cavaluzzi, master planner with Perkins Eastman

Cavaluzzi stressed rapid implementation of the DMC plan in order to keep up with similar projects going on around the country and world. In some ways, Rochester actually lags competitors from the perspective of progress on redevelopment.

In a nod to the DMCC Board and Economic Development Authority–and the people of Rochester–Cavaluzzi applauded the depth and breadth of public input.

“The public input process really has been exceptional,” Cavaluzzi said. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a robust community input process. It’s really great to see.”