Live Blog | Economic Development Agency (EDA) Update

Presented by Lisa Clarke

Economic Development Agency (EDA) Updates

  • Development
    • Joined City’s development team in reviewing private development projects in the DMC District and are impressed with range and diversity of projects in review.
    • Asked by Mayor Brede to facilitate the Chateau Theatre Task Force work over the next 15 months with a goal of developing a sustainable program and business plan that is acceptable to the City Council.
    • Working on “Developer’s Guide” that will serve as a reference for building and development in the DMC Development District.
    • Working with City of Rochester to refine DMC Capital Improvement Plan.
    • Continuing to progress on Discovery Square bio/med/tech development.
  • Finance
    • Operating within budget for 2015 and utilizing the Working Capital Loan structure implement by the DMCC and the City.

  • Business/Economic Development
    • Participated with St. Paul and Minneapolis Chambers of Commerce on InterCity Leadership Visit to Seattle.
    • Beginning development of long-term strategic partnerships with Greater MSP and LifeScience Alley.
    • Moving forward with formal strategic marketing efforts focused on growing market interest in two priority areas, Discovery Square and Heart of the City.
  • Operations
    • Hosting EDA ribbon-cutting today for new office space.
  • Communications, Public Relations, and Community Engagement
    • Continuing regional outreach and presentations to business/civic organizations and outstate communities.
    • Growing its partnerships with many organizations locally and regionally to provide more holistic experience to patients, companions, visitors, and residents. Examples include:
      • MN Nice Ride
      • Mayo Clinic Office of Wellness
      • Mayo Clinic “Creative Cure”
      • Greater Rochester Arts and Cultural Trust
      • BioAM and Global Entrepreneurship Week
      • Community Networking Group
    • Garnering regular media attention, totaling 54 stories in October alone.