Live Blog | Patient and Visitor Experience Update

The DMC vision is to provide high-quality patient, companion, visitor, and community member experience to become the world’s premier destination medical community.

Based on DMC research, patients do not differentiate between the 70% of time they spend in the community and the 30% they spend inside Mayo Clinic.

At 67%, patients and companions make up the largest market segment of visitors to Rochester, but business visitors and community residents are also key market segments. Research showed commonalities for these market segments, indicating desires for an authentic community experience, diverse dining and shopping, and high-quality hotels.

DMC has connected with the Mayo Clinic Office of Patient Experience and the Rochester Convention and Visitors Bureau to explore new ways of integrating efforts to create a more seamless patient experience.

Ultimately, the DMC plan will enhance the patient experience by:

  • Providing a sense of welcome at key touch points.
  • Facilitating the patient, companion, and visitor journey.
  • Creating places, programs and services for down time and for patients to feel normal.
  • Engaging visitors and community residents in health and wellness.