Live Blog — Presentation from McKnight Foundation

Representatives of philanthropic McKnight Foundation presented their vision for renewable energy initiatives in the DMC District and Rochester. The Foundation already has offered to pay for planning services.

McKnight Foundation President Kate Wolford said the foundation is “excited” to participate in DMC and help invest in sustainable energy in Rochester and Minnesota.

“We are trying to help position our state and the entire Midwest as a leader in the transition to sustainable energy,” Wolford said.

McKnight tapped the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) to help organize renewable energy initiatives and comprehensive energy planning. The proposed project would have three key components:

  • Formulate options for advancing DMC energy and climate goals
  • Coordinate an energy infrastructure strategy and operation principles
  • Identify metrics by which benefits can be measured

Sheldon Strom, CEE president, stressed not only innovation but also cost savings and investment.

“If you’re careful and work together, in many cases it’s cost effective to follow clean energy approaches,” Strom said.

DMC Corporation Board Member and Former Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak challenged CEE and its partner Ever-Green Energy to think big on this project.

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