Minnesota-based healthcare technology firm Rion expands presence in Rochester joining One Discovery Square

One Discovery Square, the new Destination Medical Center (DMC) Discovery Square development by Mortenson, has announced the addition of Rion LLC to the building in downtown Rochester.

Rion currently has a presence in Rochester and the lease at One Discovery Square marks an exciting phase of expansion for the company. The Rion team at One Discovery Square will be focused on advancing regeneration through innovations related to its exosome biotherapeutic platform, development of novel off-the-shelf biologics technologies and biomanufacturing. By being in One Discovery Square, Rion aims to work with teams at Mayo Clinic to develop lifesaving technologies that have the potential to augment access and improve the economy of healthcare.

“While currently Minnesota is one of the leading medical device hubs in the country, Rion, with its focus in regenerative medicine, can develop and expand the biotechnology sector in Minnesota, leading to larger and more diversified medical products industry in the state,” said Scott Rosenow, Rion’s chief operating officer.

“Rion’s primary focus has been the creation of accessible biotherapeutic platforms in the treatment of patients with few options,” said Atta Behfar, co-founder of Rion. “The expansion into the Discovery Square space demonstrates that the unique DMC ecosystem fosters healthcare innovation and biotech manufacturing in downtown Rochester.”

Lisa Clarke, executive director of DMC Economic Development Agency added, “Rion’s expansion in One Discovery Square complements the growing entrepreneurial ecosystem in Discovery Square, which is the economic engine for Destination Medical Center. As a local startup, Rion is an important contributor to building a global destination for health and wellness in Rochester, Minnesota.”