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Our cities have a massive opportunity to build regional economies around a focus on health, well-being, and vitality.

Wellness can be an economic strategy for places that choose to be Health Cities. It includes building clinical healthcare, as well as investment in health sciences, food innovation, wearables, digital health, and much more. Health Cities are also emerging as destinations and magnets for talent and investment because they have urban spaces that encourage and facilitate healthy living through their design, green spaces, local food, fresh air, and exercise.

Rochester, MN, home to the Mayo Clinic, is leading the way as a Health City. It’s a global destination for health and wellness, attracting top talent, emerging as a center for R&D in health data, and offers a catalytic model for growth in the region and across the nation.

On January 26, CityAge, in collaboration with Minnesota Finance & Commerce and Destination Medical Center, is bringing together the leaders mapping out the course ahead for the development of health-focused district communities across the nation.



Clark Otley, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer, Mayo Clinic Platform at Mayo Clinic

Kim Norton
Mayor, Rochester, MN

Berry Vrbanovic
Mayor, Kitchener, ON

Patrick Seeb
Executive Director, Destination Medical Center

with more to come…


  • Cities for Health: Case studies in advanced digital hospitals that also build integrated wellness districts.‍
  • Building design beyond the pandemic: how a focus on wellness drives productivity.‍
  • Wellness and mental health: the role of urban design in building community health.‍
  • Comparable global case studies in building Destination Medical Centers‍.
  • Combining health research and hospital care to build the world’s leading life science cluster.


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