Sharing the DMC story throughout the state

DMC is changing the face of Rochester, and the state of Minnesota is taking notice.

The past few months have brought a new visibility to America’s City for Health as statewide publications have begun to share the story of Destination Medical Center.

Photo credit: Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune

In May, journalist Matt McKinney and photographer Glen Stubbe from the Star Tribune joined DMC Economic Development Agency executive director Lisa Clarke on the 189-foot Kraus-Anderson construction crane at the site of the future Titan Hilton Hotel to get a birds-eye view of the development taking place across the city of Rochester and discuss what’s to come for the burgeoning city.

In July, Minnesota Monthly writer Quinton Skinner joined Patrick Seeb, the DMC EDA economic development and placemaking director, for a walking tour of Rochester, where Skinner connected with several individuals who have already made an impact on the future of the DMC District shared their stories.

Both visits provided platforms for DMC to spread the word about the vast opportunity that awaits those who choose to capitalize on the investment, development, and workforce potential that will continue to grow in Rochester over the next 20 years and beyond.

From innovation to renovation, the progress taking place in Rochester will be pivotal to the future of Minnesota’s medical environment and the state’s overall economy. Learn more about how you can get involved in the Destination Medical Center initiative today.