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Reaching new heights through collaboration

Rendering of Gonda Building upon completion of additional floors

Mayo Clinic has announced plans to collaborate with Singapore-based real estate developer Pontiac Land Group to expand the clinic’s Gonda Building. The collaboration will advance Mayo Clinic’s expansion plans by nearly a decade. The 11-floor vertical expansion will include four floors dedicated to new clinical space and seven floors that will house a premier hotel.

“The expansion of the Gonda Building on Mayo Clinic’s downtown Rochester campus to accommodate new clinical space and a new hotel are wonderful additions to Destination Medical Center’s Heart of the City,” says Destination Medical Center Economic Development Agency Executive Director Lisa Clarke. “This unique collaboration – and Pontiac Land Group investing here – also continues to prove that Rochester is an attractive market for investors and developers from around the globe.”

While details are still being finalized, preliminary plans indicate construction will begin in late 2019 or early 2020.

Click here to learn more about this exciting new downtown Rochester, Minnesota development.

Post Bulletin: City report supports Holiday Inn TIF

Stevan Kvenvold
Stevan Kvenvold

The city of Rochester administrative staff has put its support firmly behind the use of tax-increment financing in conjunction with one of the city’s most public development proposals, a Holiday Inn at Second Street Southwest.

City administration spent about three weeks compiling a report that reviewed development issues related to the Holiday Inn development and other development questions in the Second Street Southwest corridor. City Administrator Stevan Kvenvold provided the report to the Post-Bulletin on Tuesday.

“The city staff after that last (Destination Medical Center Corp.) Board meeting took it upon themselves to keep getting some information put together so we could keep continuing and hopefully make some decision for the developer, who has been at it for some time,” Kvenvold said Tuesday.

Hospitality: Be our guest

Hotels and Hospitality is one of the 7 areas of focus for Destination Medical Center. The availability of clean, comfortable and accessible places to stay is an expectation for patients and visitors. But providing an optimal experience that people remember requires area lodging staff to take things a few steps further.

In this installment of “Gabe on the Street,” Gabriel talks to area lodging staff about what makes a stay memorable.

What hotel and hospitality experience did you have that was memorable? Share your story in the comments section below.