Transportation studies: Advancing the DMC vision

20160920_154409Four transportation consulting groups gathered in Rochester this week to observe traffic conditions and transit operations on a typical weekday and, ultimately, advance the DMC vision through first-hand knowledge of existing capabilities and future needs.

The DMC Plan identifies the need to create an integrated system of parking and transit options to better facilitate pedestrian and bicycle options and create efficient, healthy, high-amenity options that can accommodate a doubling of downtown jobs. “Infrastructure is the backbone of our DMC planning, with transportation being a critical component,” says Lisa Clarke, DMC EDA executive director. A world-class transportation network would not only improve livability for Rochester’s residents and businesses but also attract the workforce talent required to achieve the DMC vision.

20160920_154922The City of Rochester, through the SRF Consulting Group, is leading the four teams in exploring transit, parking, street design, and city bikeway options. “I am very impressed – both with how forward-thinking these consultants are,” says Patrick Seeb, DMC director of economic development and placemaking, “and with their ability to provide us with first-hand experience with transportation innovations happening around the country.”

The teams will spend the first couple of months collecting and analyzing data and developing options they will present to the public in early 2017. Concepts will then go through several stages of refinement with additional public input, followed by a selection process of a preferred integrated transportation concept by late 2017.

“We have a seasoned and talented team of consultants working with us to create and design the transportation elements we will need as Rochester grows,” Clarke says. “This is yet another example of progress toward advancing our DMC plan.”

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