Urban Evolution Episode 13: The New Office: Working from Anywhere

COVID-19 has forced technological evolution and adoption at an unanticipated rate. One resulting trend is working from anywhere. At an American Business Journal “Future of Cities” event earlier this year, urban studies expert Richard Florida noted that for the first time, people are asking themselves deep questions about how they want to live and work with the understanding that they have more choices today in how to organize their lives. In this episode, three professionals representing different industries share their experiences living the work from anywhere lifestyle: Erin Lonoff, Principal with New York-based HR&A advisors, Brandon Hendrickson, founder of the online learning platform Science is Weird, and Aaron Brossoit, CEO of marketing and communications firm Golden Shovel.

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Aaron Brossoit, CEO of Golden Shovel Agency
Brandon Hendrickson, founder of Science is Weird



Erin Lonoff, Principal, HR&A Advisors