We are Rochester

Laura Elwood, Blog Author
Laura Elwood, Blog Author

It’s Friday Night. You have three options: going out to eat, see a movie, or grab a drink. Are you bored of your options? Do you feel like you’ve done everything there is to do here? When someone asks you where you’re from, do you find yourself sheepishly replying, “Rochester”?

You’re not alone! I grew up in Rochester. As I got older, I began to feel that as I aged, Rochester stayed static; nothing ever seemed to change. This town seemed built only for families and professional adults. When I left Rochester for college, I swore to myself that I’d never come back. Rochester was not the place for me. It was difficult to make friends when I came back and in order to have fun I had to look hard to find something I haven’t done before. I felt that my future here was bleak.

With Destination Medical Center developing I see Rochester’s future full of bright and exciting opportunities. As a young adult,   it’s my social responsibility to address the issues Rochester faces and to help create the identity of this city outside of the shadow of Mayo.  It’s our time to customize this city the way we want. It’s our time to speak up about the limitations of Rochester not with judgment, but with enthusiasm about what we can change. I think of DMC as an urban revolution.  DMC will allow Rochester to create a place where people stay because of the arts, diversity and passion inside the city limits and within the surrounding communities. I want high school seniors and college graduates to see Rochester as a great opportunity for their future as adults, not as a backup plan. This is the most exciting time to be living in this city.

My generation gets excited about locally owned businesses, cafes, thriving arts not strictly for entertainment but for educational purpose as well. We share a passion of expressing ourselves by engaging more within the community. We are the future. Think big, and bring your ideas to the table. The city is ready, and this is our time to be heard, create and cultivate our talents. If you’re not satisfied with your options here, then take action and create change.

This is the time to shape Rochester’s future. Start your legacy now. We are Rochester.

Laura Elwood is the Marketing and Community Outreach Coordinator for R&S Transport in Rochester. She is also a DMC Ambassador.

What are some of the things you would like to see happen in Rochester to make it more appealing to younger people? Share your thoughts through the comments below.