DMC Corporation board discusses Discovery Square and design

Discovery Square and updates on the Destination Medical Center design guidelines were among the highlights in this week’s Destination Medical Center Corporation board meeting.

Earlier this month, Mayo Clinic and DMC made a major announcement about the next steps for Discovery Square, an urban research center where doctors, researchers, and scientists can work together on advancements in medical research, technology, and patient care.

americas city for health“Mayo Clinic’s investment in Discovery Square is an exciting step for the city of Rochester. Discovery Square will propel the development of innovative ideas, products, and businesses in southeast Minnesota,” said Lt. Governor Tina Smith, DMC Corporation Board Chair.

The first building will break ground in 2017, and Mayo Clinic is currently searching for a real estate development firm to take on the project.

Destination Medical Center Corporation Board Discusses Major Milestone for Discovery Square and other DMC Progress

ROCHESTER, Minn. (June 23, 2016) – At today’s board meeting, the Destination Medical Center (DMC) Corporation Board of Directors discussed Mayo Clinic’s recent announcement of a major milestone for DMC’s Discovery Square; highlights from this year’s BIO International Convention; DMC urban design guidelines; and updates on DMC priorities, including Heart of the City and transportation.

“Mayo Clinic’s investment in Discovery Square is an exciting step for the City of Rochester. Discovery Square will propel the development of innovative ideas, products, and businesses in southeast Minnesota,” said Lt. Governor Tina Smith, DMC Corporation Board Chair. “We are well-positioned to make Rochester ‘America’s City for Health’ and the world’s premier destination for health and wellness.”

Maintaining a diverse workforce as DMC evolves

Rochester is growing – and that means there’s no shortage of work to go around.

DMC, the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce, Mayo Clinic, the Diversity Council, the City of SupplierDiversity_markRochester, and others want to make sure businesses owned by minorities, women, and veterans have access to that work.

That’s why the Chamber will be hosting a Supplier Diversity Summit & Business Expo on August 3rd at the Mayo Civic Center to connect small and diverse firms with companies and organizations with contract opportunities.

Troy Henikoff: Supporting a culture for innovation

Chicago-based entrepreneur Troy Henikoff has a go-to recipe for fostering communities that supports innovation.

Ingredients include investors, co-working spaces for collaboration, and an inclusive attitude.

Troy Henikoff
Troy Henikoff

Henikoff should know. He is the Managing Director for TechStars Chicago, an organization that is part of a global entrepreneurial network helping people with good ideas start a business by giving them access to accelerators, mentors, and capital.

In fact, Techstars already has a presence in Rochester, allowing health care-oriented entrepreneurs who have been through the program to spend several weeks in the city exploring business opportunities with the Mayo Clinic.

DMC Design Guidelines

With Mayo Clinic defining its landscape, Rochester has always been a place where health is front-and-center.

americas city for healthBut a primary goal for the Destination Medical Center is to transform Rochester into America’s City for Health where residents and visitors will, literally, walk the walk when it comes to wellness.

Guidelines developed by the University of Minnesota Design Center that are meant to help DMC and the City of Rochester meet those goals will be open for public comment Thursday.

“We want Rochester to be a place where local infrastructure encourages a healthy lifestyle,” said DMC Executive Director Lisa Clarke. “That may mean designing neighborhoods streets that promote walking over driving, for instance.

Click here to read more about the guidelines and how to view them.

A major milestone for Discovery Square: Think outside the box

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 7.25.10 PM

Mayo Clinic has officially launched its plan for Destination Medical Center’s Discovery Square, an urban bioscience campus in Rochester where doctors, researchers, and scientists will come together to accelerate new advancements in medical research, technology, and patient care.

Mayo Clinic’s announcement that it is on the hunt for a strategic real estate development firm to build out Discovery Square is a major milestone for the Destination Medical Center’s (DMC) plan to enhance Rochester’s reputation as the world’s premier destination for health and wellness, and to create a robust entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem that encourages start-up companies.

Growing an ecosystem of entrepreneurs

A diverse economic landscape is paramount to a community’s growth and long-term success. It is also integral to the DMC mission.

Troy Henikoff
Troy Henikoff

Troy Henikoff is the managing director of Techstars Chicago, a global ecosystem that helps entrepreneurs build great businesses. But Troy’s entrepreneurial involvement doesn’t stop there. Henikoff is a force in Chicago’s startup community and widely recognized as an expert in entrepreneurship – both from an academic and an industry perspective.

Discovery Square is here! Tune in tonight to learn more

The Destination Medical Center staff has set up shop in San Francisco this week at the 2016 BIO International Convention.

BIO CONVENTION LOGO_VERTICAL_D_CMYKThe annual gathering brings together innovative minds from all over the world, and with DMC’s focus on helping to grow bio-business in Minnesota, the conference is a perfect opportunity to spread the word about Rochester. It’s also the perfect place to highlight the exciting things happening in Discovery Square, the DMC sub-district slated to become an urban bio-research campus in downtown Rochester.

To learn about another exciting announcement related to DMC’s Discovery Square, tune into Mayo Clinic’s Facebook Live feed at 8:45 PM CST tonight!

Q&A with Emily Benner, VP at Preventice Solutions

A cornerstone of the Destination Medical Center plan is to position Rochester as a leader in the biotechnology and medical technology fields. The development of Discovery Square – a sub-district dedicated to advancing game-changing ideas in patient care – is a critical step in reaching this goal.

The groundwork is already there. Medical innovators have long flocked to Rochester to collaborate with the Mayo Clinic on new technologies that are making health care better and more efficient.

emily benner
Emily Benner

Preventice Solutions is among the companies that saw promise in collaboration early on. Emily Benner, who is Preventice’s Senior Vice President of Research and Development, sat down with DMC to talk about how her company is changing the way doctors care for cardiac patients, and what Discovery Square means for innovators.