Month: June 2014

DMCC Board Meeting Canceled

The DMCC board meeting scheduled for Thursday, July 10 has been canceled. The Destination Medical Center Economic Development Agency and the Destination Medical Center Corporation (DMCC) will still hold a joint working session on July 10 at 12:30 pm at May Civic Center, Riverview Room, Suite C to discuss the progress of the development plan with consultants. Members of the public are welcomed and encouraged to attend the meeting. A quorum of the Board of Directors of the DMCC may be present. This event will not be lived streamed.

3 Ways to Have Your Voice Heard


As Destination Medical Center (DMC) progresses into a viable, exciting initiative, we continue to ask community for their ideas and feedback to help inform the planners as they build the DMC development plan. From unique ethnic restaurants to innovative solar roadways, we have heard a fascinating array of concepts to add to the city landscape. Yet, we always love to hear more.

Multiple DMC social media sites are active and regularly monitored, like Facebook and Twitter. If you come across an article regarding city innovations or a picture of an interesting invention, share it with us. Social media is a quick and easy place to direct your thoughts, or as we like to say, “brain dump” them onto us.

Community Conversations Tweet Chat


The DMC Community Conversations are this Thursday night. Interested in participating from the comfort of your own home or on the go? Participate in the “tweet chat.” Here are a few simple tips to get your started and tweeting!

Participation is simple. Make sure you have a Twitter account established and active. Follow the DMC Twitter account. Then join the conversation. Starting at 5:15p.m. on Thursday June 12, moderators for the Community Conversations will begin directing questions through Twitter around the eight core areas of focus. Topics will follow the same schedule of the Community Conversations sessions and will change topics every 20 minutes to a new core area of focus. Check out the schedule below. You can answer one or all the questions throughout the evening. You choose the amount of involvement you are comfortable with. Conversations can be fast paced; however, each response will be collected and added to the DMC ideas database, which is shared with the DMC planning consultants.

DMCC special board meeting to be held Thursday, June 12

The DMCC board will be meeting this Thursday, June 12 at the Mayo Civic Center in Riverview Room Suite C at 2:30pm. DMCC board meetings are always open to the public. If you cannot make the event – livestream it here. You can also join us on Twitter during the meeting by following #DMCMN.

Top 5 things you need to know about the upcoming Community Conversations


Hope you can join us for an evening of DMC Community Conversations on Thursday, June 12, at the University of Minnesota Rochester. Below are the top five things we hope you will find helpful to know about the evening.

1.      What are community conversations?

This evening is dedicated time to allow for focused, deep-dive facilitated conversations around the DMC core areas of focus that are of interest you.