Month: September 2021

Prototyping: The Link from Innovation to Transformation

Patrick Seeb
Patrick Seeb, DMC EDA Executive Director

This week, the City of Rochester and DMC cut the ribbon on a full-scale model of a future transit station for Rochester’s new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to be known as Link. Constructed from wood, nails, and paint, this temporary installation promises an immersive experience where community members can learn more about Greater Minnesota’s first BRT line.

The stations are being designed with the benefit of insights from a dozen co-designers, community members who contributed ideas about how to make the stations more appealing, functional, safe, and user friendly.  Features will include level boarding, enclosed spaces for shelter, off-board fare payment, high quality lighting, and passenger information screens.

City of Rochester and Destination Medical Center highlight opening of full-scale station model for bus rapid transit service to be known as “Link”

On Monday, Sept. 13, officials from the City of Rochester and Destination Medical Center Economic Development Agency (DMC-EDA) toured an installation built to demonstrate how bus rapid transit (BRT) will be a major part of the future of public transit in Rochester.

Rochester’s rapid transit project is now “Link.” The new name and logo are integrated into a full-scale, branded BRT station model located at the future Mayo Civic Center stop on the future 2.6-mile route. The station model promises to be an immersive experience where members of the public can visit, walk through, and learn more about Greater Minnesota’s first BRT line.

The Night Market Showcases Rochester’s diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem


On two separate nights this summer, Mayo Civic Center’s Riverfront Plaza was alight with paper lanterns, cheerful reunions, and healthy arrays of international foods and artisanal goods. That vibrance is a hallmark of the Night Market, an event founded by Tiffany Alexandria as a way to bring a bit of Asia to the Med City. The third and final Night Market for 2021 runs from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday, September 18 at the Mayo Civic Center and Rochester Art Center.