DMC Storyteller Video Series: In the Middle of Recreation with Nicole Rawlings

Rochester is alive with activity. We keep residents moving with more than 85 miles of paved walking and biking trails, scenic Bluff Country, Blue Ribbon trout streams, more than 100 parks, immaculate golf courses, cross-country skiing, and so much more. Rochester is also a huge draw for sporting events, hosting major tournaments in soccer, hockey, softball, basketball, and volleyball.

To help illustrate the many ways individuals are transforming Rochester, DMC has created a video series called “DMC Rochester, MN Storyteller Videos.” These snapshots of forward-thinking people and approaches showcase the opportunities that exist in Rochester as DMC sets in motion a new future for America’s City for Health.

In the Middle of Recreation

Nicole Rawlings
Nicole Rawlings

Nicole Rawlings is a Worksite Wellness Coordinator for the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center at Mayo Clinic who gets to live out her passion every day by empowering clinic employees to be healthier and happier.

“I took a chance on Rochester to pursue my dream job at Mayo Clinic,” Rawlings says. She thought packing up and moving away from family and familiar surroundings of St. Paul would be difficult, but it wasn’t long until she found her place in the community.

Within the first few weeks of moving to Rochester, Rawlings joined a hockey league. “It opened the door for me to make friends,” she says. And it’s how she met her future husband. “Moving to Rochester was the second-best decision I have ever made,” she says, “after saying ‘yes’ to my groom.”

Recreation supports a community’s ability to thrive, and Rawlings sees Rochester’s evolving infrastructure shaping America’s City for Health. “The city is increasingly embracing more active lifestyles,” she says. “Parks and walking paths are being enhanced and bike lanes are being added to roads for healthier commute options,” she says. “It’s inspiring to see DMC making such a positive impact on our community.”

When she first moved to Rochester, Rawlings says she assumed the area consisted of a bunch of corn fields where there was nothing to do. “I was wrong,” she admits. “Whether it’s joining a sports league, volunteering in the community, or taking in the sights along the city’s bike trails, Rochester has something for everyone.” 

Watch the DMC, Rochester, MN Storyteller Video and learn more from Nicole Rawlings about how recreation is transforming America’s City for Health.