Post Bulletin: Community engagement offers promise

Flurries of questions and conversation filled the spaces between people in two rooms at Forager Brewery on Thursday. Discussions compared the difference between a tunnel and a subway, between 30-year-old plans and current proposals and between what the landscape looks like today and the potential for decades in the future.

Ultimately, the focus of the gathering hosted by Imagine Kutzky was Rochester’s Second Street Southwest Corridor and what potential changes mean for the rest of Rochester.

Just as important, however, is what such an event means for the city and its residents. Conducted in an informal style, the gathering provided ample opportunity to connect with local activists, business leaders and city officials, all with the goal of sharing ideas and gathering information.

It’s what we’d like to see more of as Rochester continues to grow: engaged communities, engaged groups and engaged individuals.

The numerous Destination Medical Center planning conversations showed us many in the city want to be engaged. They want a voice, and they are willing to listen.

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