Month: June 2015

June Newsletter — Legislative Update, Meeting Notice and More

The DMC Newsletter goes out twice a month with few exceptions. Click on the image above to view this month’s first edition.

The first of two June newsletters was issued this week. Updates cover legislation that passed along with the recent state budget deal, information about the cancellation of this month’s DMC Corporation Board meeting, an overview of DMC’s presence at the international Bio Convention, and a recap of the public art event RedBall Project in Rochester.

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Bio Convention — Day 1 Recap

The first day of the Bio International Convention was great! (Besides the blisters on this Minnesota delegation member’s feet.)

Thousands of people flock every year to this event to partner with the best and the brightest in biotechnology and the medical sciences. Rest assured – Destination Medical Center was there to help make sure Rochester and Minnesota stood out from the rather large crowd.

Mayo Clinic, the City of Rochester, Rochester Area Economic Development, Inc (RAEDI) and DMC all were a part of a 13-plus-member delegation from Minnesota, which included public, private and nonprofit enterprises with an interest in promoting and sustaining the biomedical sciences here in the land of 10,000 lakes.

The annual conference offers a unique opportunity to engage face-to-face with investors, businesses and nonprofits – from all around the world over just a few days.

Topics include life science innovations and application areas, drug discovery, biomanufacturing, genomics, biofuels, nanotechnology and cell therapy.

So what was our topic? Discovery Square, of course! All of these potential game-changers in medicine have a place in the proposed biosciences hub. Linking the unmatched clinical and research histories of Mayo Clinic with the adventure and daring of entrepreneurship is sure to spark some great discoveries in (ahem) Discovery Square.

RedBall at Mayo Clinic

Red-Ball-Mayo-1aAs patients, visitors and Mayo Clinic staffers made their way across the Annenberg Plaza for lunch on Monday, many stopped to enjoy an unusual obstruction — a giant vinyl balloon squished under the entryway awning of the Mayo Building.

Monday afternoon marked the first Mayo Clinic stop for artist Kurt Perschke’s RedBall Project on the third day of its its seven-day “tour” through Rochester.

The ball will appear on the Peace Plaza on Tuesday before departing to make its rounds through the city and then returning to the Annenberg Plaza to wrap up the tour.


Showings are scheduled from noon – 7 p.m. though Friday. Arrive early to watch producers setup and inflate the RedBall at its daily installation. (Things really start to get interesting between 11 a.m. and noon.

The Rochester schedule, as outlined on the RedBall Project website, appears below…

  • 6/9 – Peace Plaza, Kahler Grand Awning
  • 6/10 – 600 Block of 6th Avenue NW
  • 6/11 – Thursdays on First & 3rd, Historic 3rd Street
  • 6/12 – Mayo Building, Annenberg Plaza

The RedBall in Rochester is sponsored by the Rochester Downtown Alliance.

Last Call to Voice Your Opinion in Rochester’s Comprehensive Plan

Planning 2 Succeed page

The City of Rochester is asking for public input into a new round of survey questions designed to help city planners help shape the future of growth and development in and around the city.

Questions are part of a year-long process called Planning 2 Succeed during which Rochester is crafting a 25-year Comprehensive Plan to ensure orderly and sustainable growth through 2040.

Anyone with an interest in Rochester’s future can participate — it’s not restricted to residents — but take the survey soon. It closes early this month.

Current land use designations on the left compared with projected usage in 2040 if development trends continue.

The survey includes several video presentations about trends in Rochester’s growth and discussions of different directions it could take. Visitors to the site have the opportunity to watch the videos and provide input about a series of topics.

  1. Sustainable and Efficient Growth
  2. Employment and High-Value Amenities: Nodes, Corridors and Density
  3. Employment and High-Value Amenities: Green Space
  4. Housing: Trends and Discussion

As this project proceeds, the content naturally becomes more complex, so planners are encouraging visitors to take their time, review the information, then contribute their perspectives.